Best Person to Put the Feng Back in Your Shui (2005)

Linda Pennington

Before we met Linda Pennington, we thought we had style, class, sophistication--all the things you think you have till you meet someone who actually has those things. After we had our kitchen updated, we quickly came to realize the rest of the house wasn't quite right--something about milk crates and cinder blocks and dorm-room living came to mind. So we called a friend who knew a friend who had used Linda Pennington's Redecorating with Style services to give their domicile an extreme makeover--using the furniture that was already in the house, for a real redesign on a dime. Pennington comes to your house, takes a bunch of pictures and measurements, disappears for about a week, then swoops into your home for an entire day, demanding your immediate departure. Then she works her voodoo, and, presto, about eight hours later, your study's where your living room used to be, your living room's livable and your dining room actually looks like a room in which you want to dine. She ain't cheap--Pennington will go out and buy some stuff, which you keep only if you like--but her service is not unreasonable at all, which is why we hired her to redesign our office. And you know you gotta like somebody's work if you use them for the workplace. It's not like you can get fired from your house, know what we're saying?


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