Best Place to Buy a Casket (2005)

The ubiquitous big-box we-have-everything stores really don't have everything, and they may never, but never quits thinking of how to better satisfy its customers. It carries caskets now. Ten kinds, ranging from $924 to $2,699. The manager at Costco in Dallas informs us his store, sadly, does not carry any of them but that an online delivery is as quick as one needs it to be. This is good news. Any time we can buy a bucket of butter and an Argos Cherry Casket--that's the expensive one--from a single store, well, that's the ingenuity of modern shopping. Creepy, sure, don't get us wrong, but ingenious nevertheless. And don't think just because it's coming from Costco, the caskets are of a lesser quality. These are high-quality numbers, some of them with premium ivory crepe interiors, all of them painted in shades of muted sobriety, perfectly acceptable--and indistinguishable--from any casket you could find anywhere else. So there, Mr. La-Di-Dah.


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