Best Place to Buy Men's Clothes, if You Can Afford Them (2005)

Neiman Marcus

There are plenty of cheaper places to buy clothes. God knows we can't afford to buy a suit at Neiman's, where the inexpensive stuff still comes in four-digit denominations. And there are hipper places, too. You wanna look like Euro-trash, by all means head over to one of those Euro-chic stores in the West Village. Neiman's has its share of ridiculous-looking shirts with $500 pricetags. Have you seen the men's Juicy Couture kilt (really, a mo-foing dress!) they're asking $395 for? But we're talking class, homes, and Neiman's will always have what other stores can't buy on credit. We're talking racks of classic Ralph Lauren, of can't-beat Armani, of can't-miss Dolce & Gabbana, of can't-live-without Prada. Better yet, the service at Neiman's is top-notch. This is what it must feel like to be rich, to have a gentleman of style making sure your clothes fit fabulously, dressing you like he's got money riding on your success in these very threads. Dang it, give us the Juicy man-dress. We're feeling lucky.

Readers' Pick
(Best Men's Clothing Store) Men's Wearhouse Multiple locations


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