Best Place to Get Stitches (2005)

The Woolie Ewe

If you couldn't tell two knits from three purls, the Woolie Ewe can help school you in the way of stitch witchery. At first glance, two pointy sticks and a ball of yarn don't seem to add up to much, but learn a couple of stitches (with the help of the Ewe's classes, book selection or mother/daughter owners Sue Tuley and Jill Brown) and that skein is on its way to becoming an afghanif an afghan is what you want. If there's one thing the friendly shop doesn't hold back on, it's patterns. However, the Ewe is also notorious for an expansive yarn selection featuring hand-dyed varieties as well as yarns from all over the world. Some can get fairly pricey, so Tuley and Brown help out budget-wise needlers with a sizable area of discounted yarns. All levels of experience are welcome in this wooly world, and the store covers notions other than knitting; classes also tackle crochet and needlepoint. Knitting and other such textile arts may seem daunting, but take a seat at the table with other folks in this cozy shop and it's a cinch to "cast on." In 10 minutes, they'll have you in stitches.


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