Best Place to Pick Up Sketchy Computer Freaks (2005)

First Saturday Sidewalk Sale in the West End

Started in 1969 as a get-together for ham radio enthusiasts, the sidewalk sale has had several locations, including under the Woodall Rodgers bridge between Routh Street and Central Expressway and in a parking lot on Ross Avenue. Under a bridge and in a parking lot? That's sketchy enough right there. Nowadays a good portion of the sale takes place at night because, according to the sidewalk sale's Web site, that is when the best "deals" often take place. Let's see, computer shopping at night to get the best "deals"? This just gets better and better. What's funny though, is that these guys love what they do and, as offended as they may pretend to be, they all probably like being called computer geeks when they are trying to sell the best "deal" of the night under a bridge.


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