Best Place to Stock a Kitchen (2005)

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply

We just had our kitchen done, which essentially meant repainting old cabinets and replacing old appliances--fancy, huh? Best part of designing on the proverbial dime was going to the Ace Mart to replace old utensils. This monstrous store has everything you'd ever need, from tiny spoons to bowls the size of King Kong's left paw. They even have deep fryers big enough to cook a whole human, which isn't our idea of lean cuisine, but who are we to judge? The store's actually for, ya know, restaurants (hence the name, duh), but the general public's welcome, too. Never know when a dinner party for 10 will blossom into a shindig for 100 at the last sec. Turns out you need that 500-cup coffeemaker after all. We've spent days in here, admiring the 20-foot-wide stove tops we'll never need and the retro diner seating we'll never use and the cook's garb we'll never buy and the two-story-tall fridge we'll never want. But it sure is fun to daydream about that deep fryer.


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