Best Rich-Folk Toy Store for Poor Folk (2005)

Learning Express

Whenever the weather's lousy or we're just looking for something fun to do with Junior Boy that doesn't involve a rusty playground, we like to head over to the Learning Express toy store in Snider Plaza, where an hour can turn into an afternoon and you can escape without spending a penny if you play your cards (or trains) right. See, this toy store is staffed by people who actually love kids, which means they let the tykes run loose, play with the toys and they never, ever hover or scold the wee ones. We spent an hour not long ago playing with a device that inflates long balloons and shoots them skyward with a high-pitched whine, the very same sound our little one made every time we let a balloon loose. Fact is, the place ain't that expensive, so if you do have to walk out with something, chances are you'll escape with plenty of change left for a trip down the sidewalk to Dough Monkey, where you can watch from the outside window as they make the very cookies your kids will devour about five seconds later.


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