Best Store to List on Scavenger Hunts (2005)

Half-Price Books

Don't mind the employees' looks of dismay as a large, excited group of you and your posse come running into the store with a mission. You have to get the next item before the rest of your competition does! The vault that used to hold Sterling Jewelers' exquisite diamonds and pearls has now become Half Price's nostalgic National Geographic collection and a key location for many adolescent sleepovers. But the first thing most people see upon entering the store is the information desk located smack dab in the middle. If you're creating the list, add a specific magazine issue or out-of-print book to the hunt. Average book price: $5.98. Seeing the grimace through the grin: priceless. Now, if only you were there when the group behind yours enters the store.

Location Details

5803 E. NW Highway
Dallas TX 75231


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