Best Blog (That Isn't Named Unfair Park, Suckers) (2006)


Absolutely, now that we're in the blogging biz, we're gonna insist till our dying breaths (any second they come...) that Unfair Park's as good as it gets. But we're kidding no one, right? We're still new to the game, and D's been at it for years; we'd be arrogant fools (like FrontBurner--so kidding) to lay claim to the title at this early date, which doesn't stop us at parties, but still. No, FrontBurner's the one to beat because Tim Rogers, Adam McGill and their cohorts are good at what they do--that Great White Snark thing goes a long way compared with the other comers who either take themselves too seriously (Dallas Blog, Unfair Park), ramble on way too long (Dallas Arena, Unfair Park) or don't update enough or have enough to keep us coming back more than once a month (every single blog operating under The Dallas Morning News banner, not Unfair Park). Dallas probably has more blogs per capita than any city outside of N.Y.C.; Christ, we'll even read Angela Hunt's on a slow day, and not just to look at the pictures, either. Still, while we love and Dallas Progress and the other players in this ever-expanding game, hey, FrontBurner's still the top dog. Or not. Ever heard of Unfair Park? It's awesome.


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