Best Local Music Website (2006)

The Fine Line

It's 2006. Everybody, their mom, their mom's mechanic and their dog have a blog. We've already heard all the hype about the democratization of information. The citizen reporter. What does it all mean? That some dude in Topeka can write an entry every day about advancements in drill technology? That some anonymous jerk in Fargo can opine about bands that, like, totally suck? What a wonderful Internet we have. Ugh. That's why when a truly remarkable Web site comes along, it's worth lauding. And we've got one right here in town. We're talking about the Fine Line, a comprehensive DFW music site run by the most famous music fan in town, Cindy Chaffin, and her partner in crime Amanda Newman. They update the Fine Line blog every single day with posts about what happened last night, what's going on tonight and who took pictures of it. Newman sponsors a weekly music showcase in Deep Ellum, and Chaffin is constantly posting audio and video footage of the shows she attends. Best of all? There's no freaking whining. If it sucks, Newman and Chaffin don't write about it, giving all their space to local music--of any genre--worth listening to.


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