Show us an Indian buffet and, based on past experiences, we'll clutch our Pepto and run screaming. Cheap, unclean buffets had convinced us that Dallas was without digestible masala. Then we met Roti Grill--no buffet in sight and satisfying dishes that after several trips have caused no intestinal distress. And for those who want to try something different every trip, the spotless, modern Indian diner offers quick, tasty and painless vindaloo, masala, korma, jalfarezi and other sauces in its "two step" menu option, which allows customers to choose a sauce and pair it with vegetables, lamb, chicken or paneer (homemade cheese, similar in consistency to tofu). The meals are served with basmati rice in regular and Texas sizes; the Texas size option adds on naan or roti bread. Ask the friendly counter service staff to help you decide or try the blind finger-point method--there's no bad combination.

Location Details

6509 W. Park Blvd.
Plano TX 75093


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