It's not that the Dallas area is arcade-starved; you can find Golden Tee games and nostalgic cabinets at plenty of bars and restaurants. But if you want to make a day of it--immerse yourself in a digital candy land--every "amusement" destination in the region falls short, except for GameWorks. The national chain delivers local arcade salvation in the form of hundreds--yes, hundreds--of games and more new and recent titles than any spot in town. Pinball tables? Check. Skee-ball? Three varieties. A canoeing simulator? Sure, why not. Even better are unique attractions such as Sky Pirates, which launches players up to 25 feet in special chairs as they battle in virtual hot-air balloons, and the eight-man F1 racing kiosk with a live commentator who calls the action. So drop the kids off at GameWorks' Dance Dance Revolution station, tell them you'll be upstairs at the arcade's fully stocked bar and sneak away when they're not looking to perfect your canoeing skills.

Location Details

3000 Grapevine Mills Parkway
Grapevine TX 76051


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