Best Bar (2006)

The Inwood Lounge

The Youth Division around here would probably say this honor goes to Bar Belmont or the Lakewood Landing; kids, they like it hip and/or nasty and swear there's little difference anyway. But we're gonna have to agree with Esquire on this: In May, the magazine wrote of the Inwood Lounge that it "smells like gin, smoke, and warmed-up celluloid" and that its "key-shaped bar is the most inviting in the city." At the time, we were skeptical of the magazine's choice of so obvious a destination; surely, we figured, some place such as the Double Wide, the Old Monk, the Ginger Man, the Slip Inn, the Grapevine or Lee Harvey's would do Dallas a little better than the old stand-by that's been given a recent rehab by owners Mark C. and Todd W. So we went to every one of those joints in the interim, and more, and came away realizing, yeah, we took for granted our old home-away-from-home and need to visit the place more often. The martinis are as good as they've ever been, and trends be damned, it's still the coziest joint in town in which to sink into a sofa or melt into the water wall upon which we've tried to lean a few too many times.


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