Best Chance to Catch a Rising Star (2006)

Heart of Texas Speech Tournament

Every October a collection of stellar teenage talent gathers under one roof to compete in the prestigious Heart of Texas tournament. This competition has a long and august history, making it an especially desired contest for young thespians. This invitational event has lured competitors from many regions of the country, sometimes from as far away as Florida and New Mexico. Of course, Texas and the Dallas area are well represented. These are the best and brightest in their respective schools, and the overall level of talent and professionalism belies the tender age of the participants. Many students choose to compete in the "Lincoln-Douglas debate" event, but it is the individual events where these future stars really shine. Categories include foreign and domestic extemporaneous speaking and original oratory, but the marquee events are humorous interpretation, dramatic interpretation and duet acting. The depth of preparation and commitment that these young thespians throw into their performances both astound and excite. The 2006 tournament is scheduled for October 20-21.


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