The best music venues not only host shows but transform them, elevating a band or an artist to the top of their game with great sound and atmosphere. Sons of Hermann Hall and its kindred spirit in little D, Dan's Silverleaf, are two such venues. Both cater to roots-loving audiences, with frequent shows by country and folk luminaries such as Slaid Cleaves, Billy Joe Shaver and Ramblin' Jack Elliott, but recent memorable rock shows at both Sons (Constantines, Oakley Hall) and Dan's (Centro-matic's marathon 10th anniversary set) serve as a reminder of why we're always so excited when our favorite rock bands grace either stage. It seems we're not alone, either, as audiences at both venues are similarly enthusiastic, always ready and willing to shut up and actually listen to music--a lesson that chatty crowds at clubs such as Gypsy Tea Room and the Cavern would be wise to learn. Both joints also come complete with a set of colorful, musical and decidedly Texan regulars, a fact that only makes them stand out more from a crowd of local venues that simply can't compare.

Location Details

3414 Elm St.
Dallas TX 75226


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