Best Place to Pick Up a Doctor (2006)

Elbow Room

Temporally and geographically, Dallas is not so close to the 1849 California mining rush, it being 2006 and Texas and all. But if it's gold-digging that needs doing, Dallas is definitely the "can do" city. Weekends see hundreds of poor, helpless, Gucci-unadorned boob jobs bobbing about Medici, Sense and the whole of Addison looking for a thick-wallet-wielding beau. But the best place in town to earn an M.D. (without, you know, enrolling in classes) ain't some fancy watering hole. If it's a well-to-do man in scrubs you need, the Elbow Room provides in abundance, since it's practically attached to Baylor hospital. Happy hour finds the Elbow Room rife with scrub-clad docs and nurses ordering liver-quenching brewskies. Strike up a conversation over a mutual love for drunken dart-playing or inebriated shuffleboard. Soon, you'll be picking out curtains with the surgeon of your dreams.

Location Details

3010 Gaston Ave.
Dallas TX 75226


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