Best Reason to Still Go to Deep Ellum (2006)

Darkside Lounge

Deep Ellum: You stopped going because of the bar fights. And the teeny-bopper dance clubs. And the shady parking. But you started going again because of the Darkside Lounge. Wait, you haven't been to the Darkside Lounge? Guess that means you haven't been out to some of the best local shows, drinking some of the cheapest local brews and hanging out with some of the coolest local people. But that's OK. It's early yet, especially in the rejuvenation of Deep Ellum. Thanks to the Darkside Lounge, though, the neighborhood's regaining a little bit of that long-lost coolness. At Darkside, you'll find cushy Vegas-style booths for canoodling, a pool table for schmoozing and a good-sized stage for local band viewing. In fact, the Darkside Lounge's killer weekend musical lineups will probably be what brings you out the first time, but it's this venue's neighborhood bar-meets-scenester-lounge sensibility that'll keep you coming back.


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