Best Watering Hole With a Water Hole (2006)

BackYard Beach Bar

Tucked away in an anonymous nook near White Rock Lake is one of the best-kept secrets in the local saloon society. There are many reasons to recommend this casual and comfy club, but the real hook is located outside. Two pools! One is for swimming (and water volleyball) while the other features a sliding board and side ledges for lounging. Also gracing the outdoor area are beach volleyball courts (with pristine sand) and a tiki bar pouring all your favorite potent potables. Inside, the deceptively large bar offers areas for music (occasionally featuring live entertainment) as well as video monitors usually displaying sporting events. Even better, you'll find plenty of corners for conversation. This place is so spacious that even at peak times you never get the cramped, jostled feeling that plagues so many other establishments. If munchies are required, BackYard Beach Bar offers a full menu of sandwiches, pastas and fried bar favorites.

Location Details

7530 E. Grand Ave.
Dallas TX 75214


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