Best Bookstore (2006)

Half-Price Books

We've never been so disappointed with Borders Books and Music as we have in recent months; bet you didn't know they gotta wear uniforms at the West Village location, which is an enormous turnoff. And Barnes & Noble, well, a chain's a chain, and it ain't no damned good unless it's on a bike, bud. Which leaves us, as always, with the perennial fave, the hometown hero that's been offering books, new and used, for pennies on the dollar ever since people actually read. We're as much in love as ever with the mother ship on Northwest Highway, which always has something to sell us even if they're out of what we came for in the first place. It's the quick stop that turns into the day trip, especially as the weather cools and the hot chocolate's tempting us from the Black Forest Caf in the corner; never has dusty lit tasted so cocoa-y. And the vinyl bin provides the best deals in town; picked up a Bloodrock debut the other day for a couple of bucks, or a fraction of what eBay suckers are plunking down for the acid-rock head trip. Other bargains await around every corner and in every crevice; go now, before we pocket what you seek.


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