We've come around on Zeus Comics & Collectibles on Oak Lawn Avenue; now that some of us have kiddos well on their way to becoming full-blown nerdlings, hey, we appreciate the action figure as much as the next dork (and if you touch that 1st Appearance Superman on our desk, we will kill you). For the same reason, we love Lone Star Comics, which has as many games as it does new issues of Astonishing X-Men. But when it comes to comic books, there's but one legit player in the area: Jeremy Shorr's Bachman Lake store, where back issues live forever in their plastic bags and cardboard boxes waiting for you to snatch 'em up; fanboys can't live by new product alone, after all, not with the recent renaissance in comics in which new writers, such as Brad Meltzer and Grant Morrison, take old stories you thought disposable as a kiddie and render them indispensable as a grown-up. And Titan is all about breeding the next gen of fanboy: Shorr's got a play area for the little ones, next to the rack of kids' comics (Teen Titans much?).

Location Details

3128 Forest Lanene
Dallas TX 75234


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