Sure, PetSmart and Petco have goldfish. They have African cichlids. They might even have an oddball or two--a dojo loach or a black ghost knife. But once you step into the Fish Gallery, you won't think of buying fish anywhere else again. The store (recently expanded) is filled with tanks of amazing freshwater fish that you'll never see at a pet emporium--Senegal bichirs, roseline sharks, baseball-sized orandas and the hard-to-find Siamese algae eater. Their cichlid selection is likewise astounding. We don't have space to list the Malawi and Tanganyikan beauties they have on display. If you have dreams of being the next Takashi Amano, they have aquatic plants, or if you like spending hundreds of dollars on demanding, finicky fish, their saltwater selection's decent too. And the Aquarium Environments side of the store will help you pick out or custom-design the aquarium you've always wanted. C'mon, go for a custom 450-gallon. What are credit cards for anyway?

Location Details

6955 Greenville Ave.
Dallas TX 75231


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