Best Gift Shop (2006)

Urban Flowers and Gift Market

Owner Tony Gates and his Urban crew have won before in this category, and we're not opposed to throwing it their way again, because they seriously never fail us. Five minutes from needing a delicate pair of earrings, a knickknack that screams "whimsy!" or the perfect touch of random to add on to a joint gift that needs our personal stamp, Urban always has the answer. For flustered shoppers, they provide friendly help when needed but also know when leave to us alone to overanalyze our options (Hmmm, fantastic, modern vase vs. bold, yet flirty bracelet, vase vs. bracelet...) in both their original Skillman Street location and their new digs on Lemmon Avenue, just opened this year. And, of course, there are the flowers. What's more endearing than adding fresh flowers to your gift? (Maybe buying said gift on time, but that's so not our style.)


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