Best Piercing Rescue (2006)

Tim at Taboo Tattoo

Let's say you decided one evening to get a piercing or two. Hey, there's a studio--let's stop here. A few days later, maybe a Sunday afternoon, your piercings are giving you problems and that studio's not open. In fact, you can't find a piercer on duty anywhere. Until, fortunately, you stop at Taboo Tattoo. Tim leads you to his studio and fixes your problem--at no charge. And gives you some great aftercare tips. A few days later, another problem--again, Tim takes care of you for free. In the meantime, you've also looked at his piercing portfolio at and seen the rooks, daiths, navels and surface piercings that he's done. You've wised up. Next time a large-gauge needle comes near your body, Tim's going to be the one wielding it.


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