Best Place to Flip Your Wig (2006)

Lemmon Beauty Supply

There can't be a much more ringing endorsement of a wig shop than seeing autographed photos of drag queens adorning the entryway. That is exactly what you find as you cross the portal of Lemmon Beauty Supply. Tucked away in a decidedly unglamorous strip center at Lemmon and Wycliff, this shop is nicknamed "Kentucky Fried Wigs" in a nod to the KFC that anchors the center. Packed inside the tiny emporium, stacked floor to ceiling along every wall, is a vast array of false fabulosity: Every conceivable style of wig, fall, switch, chignon, ponytail and braid. Craving a high Dolly Parton 'do? No prob. Britney Spears pigtails? Check. Can't live without a fuchsia page-boy? Gotcha covered. From synthetic designs to natural-looking human hair creations, no style is left out. Custom styling is available. And check out the 99-cent eyelashes and the array of crowns and tiaras. Love the beehives and the bling.


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