Best Thrift
in a Pinch (2006)

Counter Culture (Deep Ellum)

There comes a time in a hipster's life when decisions have to be made. The costume party is in two hours, and a decade must be decided upon. Will you wear '80s chic or '60s mod? These are the hard questions, especially when time is of the essence. Whatever your quandary, the Counter Culture store in Deep Ellum is guaranteed to have what you need at a reasonable price. The staff is always available to help with a wayward zipper (or four, depending on your outfit), and the store's small enough that they can easily point you in the right direction for your thrift clothing needs. Avail yourself of the scarf bin, too, but remember: Avoid the Mockingbird Station location like last year's asymmetrical bangs. There, you'll pay twice the price for similar vintage gear.


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