Best Way to Screw a Local (2006)

Harry Winston Moving in Next to William Noble

Look, we don't know the first thing about fancy jewels; just don't kick us in ours, that's all we gotta say on the subject. But this much we do know about William Noble: His stuff is rare, fancy, expensive and among the best bangles and baubles sold anywhere in the United States. His two-decade-plus run in the Highland Park Village attests to that; you don't stay in the highest-rent district in town that long selling crap to chumps. So what's Highland Park Village owner Henry S. Miller doing leasing space to Fifth Avenue carpetbagger Harry Winston, better known as the jewelry-maker to the stars? Making a killing, yeah, but also looking to injure a local who's been around for a good third of the Village's 75-year run. Trust us: This ain't going over well with the jet set, which loves its Billy Noble--SMU grad that he is, nice kid--and would probably spread the wealth were Winston further Rodeo Drive and not Mockingbird Lane.


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