Best Wrist Work (2006)

Adventures in Synthetics

In The Graduate, Mr. McGuire says it best: "I want to say one word to you. Just one wordAre you listening?...Plastics." He wasn't talking about jewelry, but it still applies. Especially when it comes to Adventures in Synthetics. Using plastics, as well as other uncommon materials such as foam and styrene, Dallas jewelry designer Mary Ann Atkinson creates unique pieces of jewelry that dance on the line between space-age and whimsical but never flirt with tacky. The clear bracelet coils are bold but unsuspecting on the wrist, and their simple, colorful, graphic embellishments are vital and special--no two are alike. The graceful pieces are, without a doubt, wearable art, and their packaging is just as thoughtfully designed to serve as a flattering frame.


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