Before Tony Hawk, before corporate sponsors and videogames, skateboarding was what you did to scare your parents. Now parents encourage it. Oh well. There is something intrinsically cool about skateboarding that not even ESPN can ruin. So if your kids skate, or you skate yourself, there is no better place to do it than Eisenbergs up in Plano. There are bigger and perhaps better skate parks (the city-built $6 million dollar park in Allen), but when it gets hot, Eisenbergs is one of the only places you can skate without dying of heat stroke. Whether you like street or vert, Eisenbergs has it all on 30,000 square feet, about half of which is air-conditioned. Last time we visited, one of the kids skating was wearing a hat made out of a milk carton, proving that despite all corporate America has done to destroy the "sport," the kids are still all right.

Location Details

930 E. 15th St.
Plano TX 75074


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