Among environment-conscious gardeners, "locally grown" is the hot trend. Buying local products supports nearby growers and manufacturers, boosts the local economy and, for the consumer, means fresher items that have spent less time in a truck and endured fewer preservative processes. For many backyard gardeners, locally grown means your very own veg patch outside the back door. Rabbit Hill Farm, whose products are sold in a number of gardening stores hereabouts, is based in Corsicana, where they give a crap about organic gardening—rabbit crap, to be specific, which is rich in nitrogen and doesn't need composting like other manures. They also sell worm castings, called "black gold" and highly valued as a soil amendment. Rabbit Hill Farm uses both to blend special gardening products such as Bunny Trails and Native Texas Plant Food. If you want to try your own hand at vermicomposting (using a bin of worms to break down kitchen and yard waste), order some of their red wrigglers. Appropriate somehow to receive a wriggly ball of worms by snail mail.

Location Details

288 Southwest CR 0020
Corsicana TX 75110


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