Best Video Store (Especially If You Want to Meet Jim Schutze) (2007)

Premiere Video

That last part there's not really a tease: Mr. Dallas Observer is a regular customer, always in line with a copy of Chinatown, Deadline U.S.A. or All the President's Men—or A River Runs Through It, hawhawhaw. Because, see, Premiere has all those movies—and pretty much everything else ever released on home video, in this country or any other. They also stock every British TV series not yet on BBC America. Put it another way: Go to Premiere right now with a list of your 10 favorite movies, and if Premiere doesn't have, oh, eight of them in stock right now, Jim Schutze will give you his copy of Red Shoe Diaries Vol. 12.

Location Details

5400 E. Mockingbird Lanene
Dallas TX 75206


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