Best Way to Furnish a First House (2007)


IKEA just can't be beaten in this category because of the sheer breadth and wow factor of its (cheap) inventory. Start with (cheap) kitchen cabinets and appliances. Add the (cheap) bathroom sink, cabinets and towels. Move on to the bedroom for everything from mattresses to wardrobes, comforters to chests of drawers. Did we mention they're cheap? Outfit the media room, the home office, the dining nook. Yeah, some IKEA merchandise might fall apart after the first party, but it's possible to find everything you need to build a comfortable nest from the studs out without going broke. By the time you need to replace it, your taste will have changed anyway. And maybe you won't be so damned broke.

Location Details

7171 Ikea Dr.
Frisco TX 75034


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