Five or 10 times a day at Froggie's 5 & 10 on Knox, the phone rings and high tiny voices ask if the new Webkinz are in. If you're not a child or you don't know one, Webkinz are the stuffed toys that come with secret codes tying in to a Web site full of stuff to do with your new "pet." But no toy, no entry to the Web world. So Webkinz, which some kids collect by the dozens, tend to get grabbed up at toy stores as quickly as they arrive. The staff at Froggie's, however, love their little 'uns, so they limit the purchase numbers per buyer and they'll even hide a 'kinz or two under the counter for their best customers. While you're in the store, check out the massive collection of wind-up toys, old-fashioned yo-yos, board games, magic tricks, old-timey candy and booklets of temporary tattoos. And do pet Fric and Frac, the store's resident kitties, who like to catnap in the sunny front window.

Location Details

3211 Knox
Dallas TX 75205


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