Best Women's Casual Clothing Store (2007)

Cotton Island

What do you wear when the vibe is casual but you don't want to look like car-pool mom? When you want to have a kicky style but not seem like you're masquerading as a 15-year-old cheerleader? At Cotton Island on the southeast corner of Snider Plaza, you can find colorful 100 percent cotton tops and skirts that not only are cool and flirty but feel that way too. Cotton breathes. As the swelter of summer's end makes a transition to the warm days of autumn, it's great to have clothes that don't stick to the sternum. The shop also carries trendy handbags and Bernardo sandals, de rigueur for a stop at the country club or a weekend at the lake house. And hey, go ahead and take your teenager too. She'll like Cotton Island's minis, T's and flippy skirts.

Location Details

6601 Hillcrest Ave.
Dallas TX 75205


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