Best Radio Station (2008)

KLLI-105.3 FM

You go up and down the dial searching for something to listen to. A good song, maybe an interesting sports discussion or a breaking news item. And somehow you find yourself riveted to a discussion on infidelity or just a gaggle of dudes giggling away at one another for being stupid. You're listening to professionals paid to sound like amateurs. But. You. Can't. Stop. That's just how Live 105.3 seems to work. There's no music and no real platform behind the station's talk format (unless "guy talk" is a viable radio term). No real redeeming quality to any of it. And yet you listen, and you keep listening and before long, you've set the station as a preset on your car stereo. And now you don't listen to anything else. And you hate yourself for it, but you kind of enjoy it too.


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