Which is worse? Gas station hot dogs that are overcooked, all dried out and leathery like big, fat Slim Jims? Or a gas station that never keeps its hot-dog cooker stocked, so the hot dogs are always back on the part where it says you can't eat them yet? On the Run is one of the city's busiest gas station/lifestyle centers, and they do a great job with the dogs. You have your choice between condiments in packets or from stainless containers, with both yellow and spicy brown mustard—a nice touch! Buns are kept fresh and plump in a steam drawer. OK, the hotdogs aren't exactly made from organic, grass-fed beef. But be honest with yourself. That's not what you were going for anyway, is it? Open 24/7.

Location Details

3716 Maple Ave.
Dallas TX 75219


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