Best Taqueria That's Not in a Gas Station (2008)

Taqueria El Si Hay

Comparing Fuel City's tacos with those from other taquerias in Dallas is like comparing The Dark Knight to any other movie that came out this summer. But Taqueria El Si Hay in Oak Cliff holds its own against the big, bad bully. Though it doesn't offer the heavenly potato-and-beef picador taco that elevates Fuel City into a class all its own, El Si Hay's tacos al pastor, or pork tacos, are even better than Fuel City's version. They're garnished with fresh diced onions and cilantro and presented with a generous cup of green salsa and halved key limes, which will try in vain to extinguish the jalapeño-fueled salsa fire on your tongue. At $1.30 apiece, you can stuff yourself and still have money leftover for a Mexican soda—which complements El Si Hay's tacos almost as nicely as Fuel City's overpriced beer complements its.

Location Details

601 W. Davis St.
Dallas TX 75208


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