Best Neighborhood (to Get Shot In) (2008)

Little Forest Hills

OK, so maybe we made up the part about the shooting. You can't blame a financially challenged Observer staff for trying to knock down property values in the city's coolest residential neighborhood. For those of you with money, Little Forest Hills still represents one of our area's best steals—a quirky, artist-friendly utopia plopped down minutes from downtown and mere blocks from White Rock Lake. Sure, there's a McMansion or five looming over the cottages and bungalows, but there's also an organized resistance to them, complete with protest art (one neighborhood home features a mock graveyard out front with tombstones emblazoned with the addresses of houses razed in favor of red brick monstrosities). Need a fun afternoon activity? Head up to TC Shaved Ice on Garland Road and loop back down to cruise the neighborhood streets—it's almost like being in South Austin, except these houses are half the price of those.


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