Best Prom (2008)

Gayla Prom

For GLBT teens, horror can replace happy in what should be a carefree rite of passage. Even today with more tolerant attitudes, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth often face taunts and bullying at school. And what happens on prom night? At the Gayla Prom for GLBT and "questioning" youth, it's all about taunt-free fun. One of the largest events of its kind in the country provides the chance for kids to celebrate prom night with their friends in a safe environment. Now under the loving care of the Resource Center of Dallas, the Gayla Prom held its 11th annual party in May, and plans are already under way for 2009. About 25 percent of attendees are straight and come with gay friends. Many who have taken advantage of this unique evening say they felt they could be themselves for the first time in a social setting and for once didn't feel isolated from their peers. There's something prom-ising about that.


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