Best Hardware Store (As Usual) (2008)

Elliott's Hardware

Let's see, you've got your Turner Hardware in Farmers Branch. Nice, helpful people up there, but kind of small and, besides, this ain't Best of Farmers Branch (as if). There's always Lowe's or Home Depot, with about a gazillion locations, which is good, because if you're lucky enough to know exactly what you need, chances are the location nearest you won't have it. (If you don't know exactly what you need, well, you're just screwed. Good luck getting help.) East Dallas' home rehabbers—that's pretty much everyone who lives there—are fond of Ace Hardware in Lakewood. But for the very best combination of helpful, knowledgeable staff and a broad selection of every bolt, nut and screw imaginable, plus a wide assortment of tools, fancy decorating items and paint, we'll have to go once again with that perennial fave, Elliott's. This is, after all, Best of Dallas, not Pretty Good of Dallas.

Location Details

4901 Maple Ave.
Dallas TX 75235


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