Best Place to Pack Up Your Life (2008)

Container Store

If you have to pack up all your belongings and move your ass in a hurry then you're gonna need boxes— and lots of 'em. Sure, you can always drop by a grocer or a liquor store and beg for free empties, but then you're gonna end up with a ragtag stack of random cardboard boxes that held everything from bottles of vodka to jars of baby food. But suppose you need to pack up hundreds of vinyl records or your collection of Star Trek memorabilia. Where can you go when your packing needs require the safe accommodation of items with incredibly specific or dreadfully unusual dimensions? It's easy. Just drop by The Container Store. Living up to their name, they stock boxes, tubs and crates of every width, length, height and depth. If you can't find the right container for the job, then it may be time to consider downsizing your collections. Yeah, we agree that the shop's fluorescent lighting and incredibly overeager employees can be a major turn-off, but it's worth it to know that when you unpack your prized LPs or William Shatner goodies everything will be safe, sound and pristine.

Location Details

7700 W. NW Highway
Dallas TX 75225


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