No doubt there is something magical about the number 3: In rhetorical flourishes (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), in religion (the Holy Trinity, the Three Patriarchs, the Three Holy Cities of Islam), in nuclear accidents (Three Mile Island). Now that same magic has spread to the culinary rage known as the slider, which is most often served in threes. Derived from White Castle hamburgers and named for the ease with which the greasy treats slide down the gullet, these mini-burgers have been reincarnated into high-end gourmet globs, using salmon, fried oysters, crab, etc. to make their point. We feel the Porch makes that point better than most, with its chopped brisket sliders, an appealing appetizer of barbecued beef, creamy coleslaw and horseradish-infused pickles served on a small bun. No need to dip into the side of barbecue sauce, which seems like an embarrassment of riches. Instead you'll be searching for adjectives to describe this sweet, tangy, mouth-watering concoction. There, that's three.

Location Details

2912 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas TX 75206-6403


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