Yeah, it's cool the Double Wide has had an electric bull in its parking lot. We owned that animal, by the way. But this year, when the Fourth of July came around with triple-digit torture, the ol' D-Dub provided some low-budget relief. Those watching the Fair Park Fourth fireworks from the DW's parking lot (while downing a dollar dog from the grill) were rewarded. In addition to water rifles and lawn chairs, owner Kim Finch had pulled out all the stops and bought several sizes of kiddie pools. Some patrons chose to cool off by wading. Others chose full-body submersion (both voluntary and involuntary as the night wore on). It was bliss right there in the middle of downtown asphalt. Suffice to say, the Double Wide is probably the only venue that could pull off such an event. Think about it: multiple kiddie pools in front of a Double Wide on the Fourth of July. Just seems right.

Location Details

3510 Commerce St.
Dallas TX 75226


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