We're locals, so, really, who are we to judge? Last we heard the best hotel in town was the convention center hotel for which groundbreaking was held, oh, days ago. No, but seriously: Earlier this summer we actually spent a free Saturday exploring Dallas' hostelries just for kicks; took us all of 13 seconds in the lobby—what with that storybook-sized gear and Warhol chair and luxurious glow—for us to realize that, yeah, this could be our home-away-from. Then, of course, there's the rooftop: Have you ever seen Dallas from a chlorinated, cantilevered pool that lets it all hang out over the rooftop's edge? Then you haven't lived (the high life, at least). As for the rooms: spacious and spiffy, high-def and wired for sound and modern-comfy in a way the W only wishes it could be. Just don't ask for The Pacman Suite, and you'll be cool. And, yes, readers, you're right: We love the Belmont too. We're just not hip enough to stay there. But best view of downtown ever.

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