Best New Urban Landscape Mixer (2009)

Neighborhood Night at Gardens

First, you have to get Gardens. Since 1981 the original place on 35th Street in northwest Austin has been a destination in itself--a showcase for high-end outdoor architecture and new wave plants. The Dallas store, which opened only a year ago, is already a point of entry for people interested in modern garden design--the kind that flows easily in and out of a house, binding the indoors with the out. The Dallas store offers far fewer plants than Austin but more and even better garden-related thingies. "Where else can you find both chocolate and dirt?" manager Kevin Brown asks. It's really a showcase for the landscape architectural services offered by Gardens. In the very back of the store, for example, you will see landscape architect Aimee Weber at her drawing board. She's a product of UT in Austin who did extensive work in Tokyo before coming here. The way to consume it all in one gulp is to attend the store's monthly "neighborhood night"--free wine, refreshments and even occasional garden apparel fashion shows.


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