Best Return to Childhood (2009)


Some of the simplest toys are the most enduring. From the "Automatic Binding Brick" developed in 1949 to the sophisticated Technic and Mindstorms products available now, Lego has unleashed the imaginations of several generations of kids and adults. Likewise, the new Lego store at NorthPark entrances li'l ones and big ones. Pose with the store display (recently, a life-sized Indiana Jones, complete with translucent-Lego "crystal skull") or marvel at the wall of pick-a-bricks, 60 bins holding Lego bricks and components in a wide array of colors and sizes. With prices ranging from impulse (a simple starter set for $15) to car payment (the Mindstorms NXT robotics set for $279), imaginative builders of all ages will find a way to blow a little cash.

Location Details

8687 N. Central Expressway (NorthPark Center)
Dallas TX 75225


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