What, do people not replace their laces any more? The lace breaks, so they throw the shoes away? Must be, because it's impossible to find a good selection of replacement laces. You wind up prowling the aisles of a Tom Thumb grocery store, where two out of three clerks don't even know what laces are. The answer to your shoe lace prayers, then, is Cobblestone—a full-service shoe repair store that even smells like shoe glue. Ahh, what a wonderful aroma, better than the pines of Canada. They have half a wall of laces—everything from dress laces in leather and cloth, casual laces and all kinds of boot and athletic laces. Where else could you get white leather laces? Plus, the guys behind the counter can tell you things like how to clean up a spot on a suede shoe.

Location Details

5651 N. Central Expressway
Dallas TX 75205


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