Best Transaction (2009)

Cowboys Release Terrell Owens

T.O. = gone. Released in March. Stop for a second. Breathe it in. Relax. Nice, huh? Never in sports has there been a more talented troublemaker than Terrell Owens. That he's a former Dallas Cowboy is good news. Great news. The Cowboys will have to replace his 60 receiving yards a game, sure, but at what price? No more leaders being late for meetings. Falling asleep in meetings. Screaming at teammates. Yelling for the ball. Dividing the locker room. With T.O.'s departure, the Cowboys are a less talented but better team. Next season you won't—at least you better not—watch a game in which one receiver gets 17 passes thrown his way while Felix Jones gets nary a touch. Whether he was vilified or validated, Owens was more trouble than he was worth. R.I.P, sculpted scapegoat.


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