Best Daily Newspaper Columnist (2010)

Katie Fairbank, "Problem Solver"

First, some definitions. Daily newspaper: We only have one in this burg. Newspaper columnist: A newspaper writer who manages to get out of his/her bathrobe at least once a year to do some useful reporting. Point is, we've already narrowed the field. But of what we have to work with, Katie Fairbank, author of The Dallas Morning News' "Problem Solver" column, is way at the top. Whether it's a guy who can't get Oncor to answer the phone during a power outage or somebody trying to get her whole family vaccinated for yellow fever, Fairbank always comes up with much more than a solution. Her writing is so clear and reporting so thorough that it's fun to read her column even if you never ever in your whole life plan to get vaccinated for yellow fever. Her items deal with problems on a broad spectrum of life and provide interesting little vignettes from the lives of real opposed to the lives of columnists (you know who you are).


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