Best Links For IM-ing Coworkers (2010)

Good At Internet

There's something really satisfying about sending a laugh through the office cubicle farm. And when a friend directed us toward the local blog Good At Internet, we knew we'd hit gold. The site features graphic and/or idea mash-ups...which means our descriptions won't do them a bit of justice. "Herve VillaChe" features the Fantasy Island star's face on Che's portrait. "Guinnessis" is a pint of executive-rock draught. "Weird Owl"? Guess. "Conway Twitter," "Ben Folds Laundry" and "Rhett Midler" are especially good. But "Danzig with the Stars"? Brilliant. And it's all totally appropriate fodder for sending to coworkers while they're on conference calls or sitting around a big meeting needing to keep their shit together. Why? Because the entire site was born of the 9-to-5. Graphic artists Aaron White and Jordan Roberts come up with the ideas while riffing off one another during smoke breaks at work (said breaks probably directly account for the entry featuring the pack of cigs with Bob Seger on the carton entitled "Segerettes").


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