Yes, AMC NorthPark 15 is part of a major chain. But, hold up, naysayers. It's also got ample leg space (good for shopping bags and tired legs), great sound and a burly concession stand. The theater provides both 3D and non-3D options for films available in both formats, and offers a killer blend of mainstream big-budget flicks and indie/art house films. If you're playing hooky, there's really no better place to rock out a double (or triple) feature thanks to the well-staggered viewing schedule and numerous distractions to fill gaps between shows. And, really, who are we to bitch about AMC MovieWatcher rewards and line-avoiding ticket kiosks? The Inwood, Magnolia and Angelika are fine destination theaters, but when you're strolling through the merchandised masses and need an escape, AMC NorthPark is a silver-screened heaven.

Location Details

8687 N. Central Expressway
Dallas TX 75225


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